Severe Thunderstorms Slam Southern MD THURSDAY!!


Severe Thunderstorms rumbled through the Charles, St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties areas bringing multiple damage reports to mainly St. Mary’s County. At Approximately 3:18 PM, A Tornado Warning was issued for Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties where a possible funnel cloud was moving SE towards through the Leonardtown area. The Storm than continued to move towards Lexington Park and Hermanville where the photo directly below shows the funnel cloud. As the storm began to move through, St. Mary’s County 911 Dispatch began to get multiple 911 calls for trees down and power lines down through out the area. The National Weather Service has received multiple reports in St Mary’s County of Thunderstorm Wind Damage for multiple locations. There were multiple power outages also in Southern Maryland that SMECO reported. But SMECO worked very hard to get power back on. Which they have done. So far one hail report was reported by us of baseball size hail. In one of these pictures, there is a tree on a vehicle. That picture was provided to us by Kaywhite on Instagram, located on Cobb Island.





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