Storms Roar through Southern Maryland!!

Yesterday afternoon into the evening, strong to severe thunderstorms roared through Southern Maryland right during rush hour around the 3, 4, and 5’oclock hours. Multiple Severe Thunderstorm Warnings were issued for Charles and Prince George’s Counties. By 5’oclock, storms were approaching St. Mary’s County and began bringing down trees and power lines through out the northern part of the county. Several Trees and power lines fell on houses. Then at Approximately 8:00 PM a Tornado Warning was issued for Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties where a severe thunderstorm cell was possibly producing rotation near Sheridan Point, MD. Tornado Sirens were activated. Trees were reported down in Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties. Nothing was confirmed if there was a tornado or a funnel cloud. During the severe thunderstorms, SMECO reported that St. Mary’s County had 1,100 OUTAGES!!. Charles & Calvert Counties had 300+ Outages a piece. Flooding was also reported during the storm in North Beach, MD.  This whole week from Monday through Friday, Our area has seen 4 Severe Thunderstorm Watches issued and a Tornado Watch issued. It has been one busy 5 day work week.




Southern Maryland Weather & News!!


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