UPDATE: Aircraft Crash in Leonardtown

At Around 7:45 PM, Yesterday (Monday, July 29, 2013), a 1979 Mooney Model M20J Single Engine Airplane went down in in a Field on Wheatley’s Content Farm Lane in Leonardtown off of St. Andrews Church Road. Preliminary Investigation reveals that the Airplane was experiencing Engine problems during the flight and that the Pilot and Co-Pilot made an emergency landing into the field. The Pilot and Co-Pilot both signed medical  refusal forms after being checked by EMS. When their plane went down they were able to exit the plane and walk to a residence near the scene. Investigation Teams remained on the scene for some time.


Original Article.

At approximately 7:45 PM, Police were dispatched to the Leonardtown area for a reported Aircraft Crash. Units were given the location but had a hard time searching for the plan with the exact location. MSP HELO Trooper 7 went in the air and located the plane on Wheatley’s Content Farm Lane about 10 mins later.

Fire and EMS were then dispatched to the scene once the exact location was given. So far the pilot and passenger are not injured. There was a small fuel spill.


Picture provided by Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Fighter Steven Haffer!!

More info to come once available!!


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