Child Electrocuted in St. James!!

At Approximately 3:25 PM, this Afternoon (Tuesday, July 30, 2013), EMS was dispatched to a Residence on Three Notch Road in St. James for a 2 Year old Child that was possibly Electrocuted. Reported by St. Mary’s County 911 Dispatch was that the child had put something into an electrical socket and there was a possible flash of fire. St. Mary’s County 911 Dispatch advised the EMS Crew responding that the Homeowner didn’t want the fire department to respond. Once EMS responded and was on the scene, they requested the fire department to respond for precautionary measures and checked the residence. EMS began checking the child out and did a medical patch with Children Hospital in DC and the Child was Flown to Children’s Hospital by MSP HELO Trooper 7. The Fire Department returned to service a short time later after finding nothing in the house. Unknown on the exact injuries of the child from the possible electrocution.

Fire/EMS responded to the residence from the Ridge Volunteer Fire Department and the Ridge Volunteer Rescue Squad!!

The Landing Zone was held at Spring Ridge Middle School and handled by Bay District Volunteer Department Engine 33


Picture provided by Bay District Volunteer Fire Fighter Jason Turner!!


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