Strong to Severe Thunderstorms began rumbling through Southern Maryland Yesterday afternoon around 5:30 PM where the first Severe Thunderstorm Warning got issued for Charles County. The Storms quickly moved eastward and stalled into St. Mary’s County and Calvert Counties where another severe thunderstorm warning was issued around 6:40 PM to 7:15 PM and brought heavy downpours of rain. Fire Departments in St. Mary’s were very busy also getting 911 calls for trees down and also several accidents during the rush hour home. SMECO Reported at one time that Calvert County had over 2,000 Customers without power, which was quickly restored. By the 7:30 PM Hour Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties were all issued another Severe Thunderstorm Warning for a stalled out storm cell that was creating heavy downpours in the central part of the counties. By 8:30 PM, Storms cleared for a short time and then another storm developed and moved into the area where Northern St. Mary’s County received more than 3.5 inches of rain in about 2 Hours Straight due a stalled out heavy storm cell. Many flooding reports were coming in to the National Weather Service also of flooding on roadways and also of one home had water in their basement that the fire dept. had to respond to. A Flash Flood Warning was also issued for Charles and St. Mary’s Counties due to the heavy rainfall. Several 911 Calls were put out earlier for a person possibly struck by lightning in the Hollywood, MD area and also a House Struck by lighting in Hollywood, MD. The Storms finally cleared the area by Midnight. SMECO still reported that St. Mary’s County had over 150 Outages through out the area after midnight. Calvert and Charles had under 100 outages after midnight.

All Pictures Provided by Our Followers!!






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