SOMDWXNEWS Celebrates Another Successful Year

We Would like to thank all of our followers on twitter and instagram for staying with us for another long year and all of our new followers. The year 2013 goes into the record books where we gained so many fans on our twitter page and instagram page. Our constant Updating on weather and news has kept us going to receive numerous likes from everybody to stay with our page including the LIVE UPDATES during BREAKING NEWS which is what we are all about. You cannot find any other page in Southern Maryland unlike us that is a Non Stop Page that Posts LIVE UPDATES. We are also one page that NBC4 is in contact with during news events in our area so they are aware. We just want to say Thank You for stay with SOMDWXNEWS and Following Us.


Now we are going into 2014, we will continue to bring you Non Stop Updates on any kind of Weather, News and other updates Non Stop Whenever we can for Southern Maryland including the extra counties we recently added which are Prince George’s and Anne Arundel Counties. Also something big will be celebrated in October of 2014. We celebrate FIVE YEARS on TWITTER. 2009-2014 Which is HUGE. We cannot wait to get to that Month.


We hope everyone has a great start to 2014. Stay Safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!




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