MSP Involved in 120 MPH Police Chase New Years Eve in St. Mary’s County

At Approximately 11:41 PM New Years Eve December 31, 2013, MSP Called into Dispatch reporting a reckless vehicle driving down Three Notch Road at Shady Mile Drive Northbound Lanes. A Chase Began when the vehicle that MSP attempted to pullover and it over and it wasn’t stopping and the vehicle was picking up speed. Dispatch requested the license plate and a road report before giving chase. There wasn’t much traffic on the road reported by MSP. After Approaching First Colony on Three Notch Road. The Suspect Vehicle made a U-Turn and headed Southbound on Three Notch Road all the way to the Spring Ridge Area with speeds up to 120 MPH. The Vehicle was driving in a reckless manor all the way down Three Notch Road. County Sheriff’s and MSP Attempted to find areas where they could get spike strips out but the vehicle was going to fast in an attempt beat the deputies and MSP to get them out in time. After approaching Spring Ridge Middle School, the vehicle made a U-Turn and headed back Northbound Three Notch Road at approximately 11:48 PM. Sheriff Deputies were able to get a Spike Strip Out at Great Mills Road and Three Notch Road but the suspect vehicle than turned off after seeing police at that intersection right and turned off onto Tulagi Drive and headed Westbound on Great Mills Road at approximately 11:52 PM. After heading Westbound MSP Called Off the Chase at approximately 11:52 PM. But Police followed the vehicle when it turned into a neighborhood  on Sheriff Miedzinski Way in Lexington Park. Two Suspects in the vehicle fled on foot in an unknown direction. A perimeter was than set up and K9 Units were than called in to do a search.


All the Information we have so far from Police is that the license plate was ran by Dispatch and it appears that the plates are stolen off a vehicle from a business in Hollywood, MD. The vehicle was a truck possibly. MSP stayed with the suspect vehicle the whole time during the chase and no accidents occurred. No injuries occurred during the chase also. So far Police have not released info if the suspects were caught. One suspect was a Black male with a black jacket fleeing from the vehicle at approximately 11:55 PM. Police were on the scene through midnight doing a K9 Search. No Advisory message was issued by MSP or the Sheriff’s Office.


If any more information is released. We will Update this Article.




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