Point Lookout Lighthouse Broken Into Once Again

All Information From the Department Natural Resources!!


On December 22, 2013 at around 2 am, the lighthouse was once again broken into
by 4 vandals (appears to be 3 males and 1 female). Video of the perpetrators can
be seen at:


Video of Culprits inside the Lighthouse


Anyone who can identify the individuals in the video is asked to
301-645-0062 (the main DNR number) and leave a message for Officer
Darryl Riley, who is investigating the case. Please help us identify these
individuals so we can make an example of their crime against our historic
structure. Two of the perpetrators have unique hairstyles that should make them
easier to identify.

So far, with your help, we have prosecuted 3
individuals and are in the process of prosecuting 2 others. If anyone can tell
me the reasons for the breaking and entering, I would love to know. It seems
like we grow a new “crop” of late teens early 20’s vandals who just have to get
in the lighthouse. I know about the most haunted angle, but that doesn’t justify
all of the damage being caused by the curiosity.

More information about
the lighthouse and our preservation efforts can be found on our website at Point Lookout Lighthouse
Preservation Society
. (The link to the video is also posted on our home




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