SOMDWXNEWS Goes to Scotland, MD to look at Storm Damage

SOMDWxNews went down to the Scotland area of St. Mary’s County along with one of Foots Forecaster’s of Southern MD. We went to check out the damage that was reported to the National Weather Service by the Ridge Volunteer Fire Department from the storms that whipped through our area on Saturday, January 11, 2014. We witnessed a Camper on its side at a residence on Point Lookout Road in Scotland, also reported to us at that residence was several boats overturned across the street and a 14 year old male was thrown from a field into a ditch area. The 14 year old male was not injured and EMS was never dispatched for the child. All of the damage was caused by Straight Line Winds from the storms as we estimated the winds were around 60 MPH. The Camper flipped at least two times and layed to rest on its side. The camper is a total loss. There was no other damage to residence’s in the area.

We’d personally like to thank Foot’s Forecaster Nikki Byers for coming with us to the scene to get information out of the Storm’s Impact and helping us estimate the damage.








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