SOMDWXNEWS After the Winter Storm

We Personally Want to Thank All Of our Fans and Followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WordPress. You all have been great in staying with us during this winter storm. We basically went into Storm Mode on Friday Afternoon keeping YOU ALL aware of what was going on when this winter storm was making its way towards our area.

Our Twitter/Instagram/Facebook Pages made HUGE Follows and Likes during the Storm. Our New Facebook Page which gained more than 800 Likes over the Weekend into Monday. Our Twitter Page had more than 150 New Followers and our Instagram page had over 200 New Followers. That’s a HUGE amount of new People to keep updated. We are proud of how we are doing.

Now there’s some one out there that we want to Thank. It’s a Young Man we welcomed to SOMDWXNEWS. That person is Richie Bowen. He is great in Weather and that’s why we picked him. He knows his stuff and knows what he is doing in picking the right decisions during serious weather events. He also knows how to predict weather and get our area ahead of the storm. We Welcomed him to SOMDWXNEWS about one month ago and he YES right away. We Personally want to THANK Him for what a Great Job he did during this Winter Storm.


We hope Everybody has a Great Week.




One thought on “SOMDWXNEWS After the Winter Storm

  1. You guys are doing a great job with weather and sports updates especially during HS Football season. Just wanted to let you know! Peace! From The Phoenix

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