SOMDWXNEWS Celebrates 5 Years on Social Media Today

Today, October 1, 2014 SOMDWXNEWS Celebrates Five Years on Social Media. Back on October 1, 2009 our twitter page was born, but we were called stmaryscountymd on Twitter where we only covered Weather in St. Mary’s County. A Few months later we than got more and more requests with many more followers to cover the weather for Calvert and Charles Counties. By 2010, we became SouthernMDWxNews on Twitter and our page had grown to around 1,000 Followers including several News Stations Following us. Our Twitter page continued to grow over the years and we knew we needed to make a bigger impact on Southern Maryland to let everybody know what was going on in the area. So by 2012, our page name changed again and it became SOMDWXNEWS on Twitter. In 2012 we also launched Instagram to get more information out to people. Also by 2012 we began including News in our posts so people would know what was going on in Southern Maryland and added Anne Arundel and Prince George’s Counties to our list to cover during weather events. Our pages exploded with followers by the end of the year. In 2013 every local news station in Baltimore and DC followed our page including every primary Meteorologist to keep in touch with us during Severe Weather when we were reporting major weather events. In February of 2014, SOMDWXNEWS did it again, we got even bigger, Facebook was then born, we launched the page and people all over began following.

Now as of October 1, 2014, our Twitter page has just over 4,000 Followers. Our Instagram Page has over 3,180 Followers. Also our Facebook Page has over 8,100 Likes Total. We continue to provide non stop updates the best we can in weather and news on all three of our pages (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook). Ever Since 2009 we have made sure Southern Maryland was made aware of the weather and News. We enjoy a lot out of the community that everybody sends us pictures of beautiful sunrise’s, sunsets and other gorgeous pictures from all over Southern Maryland. We love all the pictures and are happy to share them all with the community. REMINDER- Our Twitter and Facebook Pages are LIVE, so during WEATHER events or Breaking News Events, Tune into those pages for LIVE UPDATES!!!! We also do School Closings and Traffic Updates!!

Our Pages Are:
Twitter- @SOMDWxNews
Facebook- Somdwxnews
WordPress- SOMDWxNews

We want to say thank you to EVERYBODY out there for making our Twitter Page the #1 in Social Media in Southern Maryland.

Have a Great October Everybody and Thanks Again for all of your Support!!





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